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    A Brief Introduction to Guilin No.18 Middle School

      Guilin No.18 Middle School, once named Guilin Regional High school, was set up in 1981,which is now one of the sixteen key middle schools and has just been listed in the first best model middle schools in Guangxi province.Our school is young,but full of energy and very promising,and developing forward with times.lt is a famous full-time lodging school for the diligent,hard-working, honest and clever student from all over Guangxi Province.
      We are situated in Seven stars District of Guilin city beside which goes through the main tourism express way of eight traffic lanes.To the east runs the beautiful LiJiang River,and west lies the Seven Stars Park (Qi Xing Park) Only ten minutes'ride away.lt is around five kilometers far away from the downtown,but quite convenient as the No.six bus stop is right before the school gate.
      Our school campus covers 93,333m2,35,000m2of which takes up the building area.We have a standard grass football playground with a 400-metre long athlete track of plastic cement,where the football match of province level sports meeting can be held.In addition,we have six basketball courts,five volleyball courts and tennis courts as well.
      We have four blocks of flats for students,three of which are ordinary ones equipped with telephones,elechrical fans and washrooms,and the other of which is a luxurious one with telephones equipped with telephones,electrical fans and washrooms,.There are more than 2,000 beds to meet the demands of all the different students. A two-floor canteen building of first rate which can hold 1,600 people simultaneously offers over twenty kinds of cheap but delicious dishes every day. Anyway,we have more than sixty standard-size classrooms,among which are over twenty multiple-media rooms .All of them are equipped with 34-cun-big TV sets which can meet the demands of educational and teaching programs,guidance study after class,and making academic researches and so on,the being-built modernized comprehensive science &technology building will supply the staff and the students with the first -rate conditions of carrying out educational and teaching programs and activities of scientific research .Additionally we have 180 computers of Pentiun4 which are all joined by broad belt and can access the internet at high speed.This is free for the students to search what the need one the internet,the teachers as well.the expense at school is safe and fast all by only one school campus card.We also have a quiet ,beautiful,clean and pleasant school campus ,with green trees,graceful pavilions,little bridges made of bamboo,beautiful small lake,birds singing and flowers blooming everywhere all year round.Welcome to our wondenful school.
      Besides, we were firstly qualified to engage foreign teachers to teach in our school and ever since then foreign teachers have been teaching here.

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